Cecafe Lonya Grande

About us

CECAFE is a cooperative venture of coffee producers from Amazonas that carries out strategic actions to improve the economy and welfare of our associates and collaborators.The practice of cooperative values and principles, our corporate responsibility and the quality of our coffee has positioned CECAFE as a leading company in the region.


  • Promote cooperativism as a sustainable business model with great human value.
  • Adapt technologies that improve the levels of competitiveness of the coffee production chain.
  • Develop products with world-renowned quality standards.
  • Position our products in the market.
  • Promote the diversification of economic activities that improve the income of our partners.
  • Provide efficient strategic services to our associates.
  • Promote social and educational assistance projects in the region.
  • Improve the training and qualification of our partners, managers and co-workers.
  • Consolidate strategic alliances that promote development and defend the interests of coffee producers.
  • We believe in the fair commercial practice that concerns cooperativism and commitments


Because BRAND CECAFE represents the effort and joint work of more than 800 families of small coffee producers in Amazonas. Our production processes comply with the environmental and social quality standards that allow us to maintain our Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ and "C.A.F.E. Practices" certification labels. The experience of our coffee growers in the production of a high quality and healthy coffee for our consumers, the democratic management, transparency and responsibility of our cooperative company in the marketing of coffees to the different countries of Europe and North America are the best guarantee that we can offer.


  • Comply with the procedures that ensure the traceability of the product from the farm to its shipment.
  • Have trained producers
  • Monitor all the information of the farm supported by mobile technology
  • Control the quality and register the deliveries of the producers separately
  • Have an updated computer and documentation system that allows us to easily track our product
  • Provide all our customers with access to this database
  • Work on the investigations of genetica and adaptation off



  • Regulation (EEC) No. 834/07 is the legal basis for the production, processing and export of organic products in 25 countries of the European Union.
  • National Organic Program (NOP) that identifies our product with the USDA label
  • (COR) Canada Organic Regime, it is applied for food, plants and animals
  • Law N? 29196 that seeks to regulate, promote and sustainably strengthen the development of Ecological Agricultural Production in Peru


  • The UTZ Codes of Conduct have a multilateral approach that includes both the market and the experience of origin
  • C.A.F.E. Practices of Starbucks


  • Obtaining seeds: genetic quality, productivity and sensory quality guaranteed by the breeder and WRC
  • Production of seedlings
  • Installation in final field : transplant healthy and vigorous plants with native timber forests
  • Agronomic management: manual and mechanical control
  • Soil conservation, Phytosanitary control, Irrigation, Nutrition
  • Harvest, Wet processing and Drying
  • Farm storage and Transportation
  • Weight, sampling, physical and sensory analysis, packaging, labeling and storage
  • Waste management


CECAFE Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera

Lonya Grande, Amazonas Peru

Producers and exporters of the Peruvians coffee 1200-2250 masl

Caturra, Bourbon; Tipica, Geicha,, Catimor, Marsellesa, Parainoma, Villa Sarchi

Washing, Natural, Honey

We invite you to know our work and the special products we offer.

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OUR History


A group of 80 coffee producers from the Lonya Grande led by the young Gilmer Sanchez, founded the CECAFE association.

Organic certification IMO CONTROL.


Fairtrade certification and FLO ID 5974. Resources are obtained from the INCAGRO government project for technical assistance services to producers; Engineer Elvis Huanca is hired with the objective of increasing the productivity of coffee cultivation. Mr. Gilmer Sanchez, founder and promoter of the strengthening of the organization passed away, leaving a legacy of struggle and cooperativist philosophy.

The founding partner Elmer Sanchez is appointed Manager in replacement of the engineer Jorge Ruiz. Eight containers are exported. Two thousand USD financed by Root Capital. It is the first time that the organization generates profits and receives funds from the Fair Trade Prize to invest in key activities for productive, social and business improvement. Resources from the PNU and AGROIDEAS Funds are obtained, achieving the construction of 90 improved stoves for the associated women, 242 green coffee processing machines, implementation of a laboratory for quality control of coffee and technical assistance.


392 producers. Shared Interest financial entity offers a first loan of 300 thousand USD as working capital for the organization. 14 lots of coffee exported.

Training in seed management, plant nurseries and plantation management for 22 young coffee producers, certifying 12 of the participants in an agreement with the National Coffee Board and “La Molina Agrarian University”.


543 producers. The UTZ and CAFE Practices certifications are obtained. 44 lots of coffee exported. A plot of land of 1,800 m2 is purchased to build our plant for the operations of collection, storage and administration of the Cooperative.

A plot of land of 08 hectares is purchased in the San Juan sector, with the purpose of developing projects and activities related to technological innovation in coffee growing. In order to diversify the economy of the producer to face the low prices of coffee and improve the nutrition of families, the project to promote livestock activities is implemented; offering technical assistance and genetic improvement services.


644 producers Project to Strengthen the Women's Committee with the support of Root Capital, training in rural business ventures. Agreement with the NGO AGRITERRA with the purpose of developing training programs. "La Esperanza" farm is constituted as a center of innovation, adaptation of modern varieties and production of seedlings 96 lots of coffee exported. CECAFE, the most important cooperative in exports of the Amazon region and the 5th nationwide.